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It's an amazing feeling to write this - the Facets x Helmetica Collection is live! This project has been years in the making, has taken a dozen different forms and I truly couldn't be happier with this as the final outcome.


It's been a fun project start to finish. Obviously the first challenge faced (aside from making the artwork of course) was working out how to get it printed in a way that would do justice to the fairly vibrant pallete I favour. My old friend Brian Garofalow has gone to great lengths to walk me through the wonders of Dye Sublimation Printing, and together we've worked up a durable, wearable product that truly looks just as good as prints of the artwork.


Dye Sublimation is amazing. I've never seen tees like this. It's not the cheapest option, but it does full justice to the artwork and will result in a product that stands the test of the time incomparably better to a cheaper alternative like transfer / screenprint. The colours are vastly richer, the contrast gloriously deep and best of all it won't fade or shrink easily like cheaper options. Just so we're clear - I would make WAY more profit offering a cheaper version of these tees. A $30 transfer tee would cost me a fraction of the sublimation process and there's much more margin selling them. I went with this option so that I would be offering the best possible quality product to everyone who buys, not so I can make more cash.


My vision for this collection was always that it would be the beginning of a small fashion line and not simply "merch". Having locked the premium quality aspect down early, the next thing I wanted to ensure was that the brand experience was just as legit. To this end I planned out a shoot in Manhattan with photographer and good mate Coty Tarr to produce the look book / site images. We ended up having a super fun day shooting the outlandishly handsome duo of Lewis Hilsenteger and Marques Brownlee, two delightful gentlemen I'm deeply indebted to for their generosity and patience. Need to also thank my long suffering business partner and friend Brian Smith for the million little things he does to make this machine run. 


By way of a sign off, let's look at some pictures from the shoot shall we? Thanks for browsing the collection - to those who buy, thanks so much for supporting my small business and I hope you enjoy the shirts!




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